About This Vagabond Fool

I am open minded dreamer. A freedom chasing artist. I live for this moment and the small things.

People call me Jungle. I am sketchy and forgetful. All the brains in my head does not help me as I am a fool. A fool who times wastes time thinking too much and sometimes not enough. With silly dreams and goals. Worst of all I am foolishly laid back.

A kid who always looking for the greener grass, a new place to explore, that also want the places found to say the way it was, forever. A messy disorganised vagabond who wears clothes sizes too big for him. A vagabond who sits there guessing what would be the normal thing to do in a situation.

I like to write, which I do not do often. I like to play with concepts and words are great at this. Because of this I write mainly poems or songs. I do write stories but it is not as easy to play with ideas (or maybe I'm just not that great as a writer)

I am a graphic designer by trade. It started with a dream to make comics. I have loads of ideas that I do hope one day to be forged onto paper, but I can not draw that well. Mostly I can not draw a person more than just standing without reference and even then.
I learned to digitally colour (which I feel I am better at) but without a good drawing to begin with it lets the painting down.
I also always had a interest in websites. I made my first website when I was 10 using Microsoft Word. With that I learned that their a thing called code which I studied.
With the things I learned from making websites, using photoshop for drawing and website design. I had learned skills that would help with graphic design.

I perform magic, because of the love of it. The choice to either ruin magic slightly for myself (by knowing how to do it) or to be able to share magic to people, was not a simple choice. But I have made it and would not have it any other way. I love magic slightly differently now.

I not only write but write music, on the computer and on the guitar. I mainly use Reason for the computer stuff. My goal in my music is to be emotive (well I try to be). Playing music with someone is one of the best thing a person can do.