Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Magic of the Trick is the Magic
The Trick to the Magic is the Trick
Part 2

To walk out and claim to do magic might be antagonistic to the audience. For one you might look like a fool who believes in something that doesn't exist. You might come across as patronising expecting the audience to believe you or play along.  Looking the fool or treating the audience as a fool if not a good start. It doesn’t mean you can not do it but be aware of that fact if you do.

Now one thing I don’t believe in (this is my personal choice, I don’t think there is a right and wrong in this debate) is to claim to do magic. That I have powers. For one I don’t want people to see me as special. This is a thing that took years of practice that anything could do if they put in the time. You can draw? I mess with cards.
Also don’t believe selling beliefs while performing. In the same way I would not be a band to sell the word of God or a political stance. Don't get me wrong I do sell ideas. That’s all there going to be something to think about. Like a show idea about how much the media can manipulate you, the people around you and yourself. It is not anti media but to show people how their minds can work and show something they might not be aware of. Manipulation has such a bad rap, seen as such a bad thing but that’s for another blog post. 

That’s the main points. I think you could find some more but for me.
  1. I want to show respect and treat my audience as an equal
  2. I want to be taken seriously
  3. I am fine getting people to think and challenge their beliefs but I do not wish to sell a belief, prove a point or act like I can be 100% right in a show.

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