Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Magic of the Trick is the Magic
The Trick to the Magic is the Trick
Part 1

My goal with magic is to seem to do magic.

That’s it end of blog post.

Thats all that needs to be said.

...Ok what I mean by this is that I put everything through a filter of 'if this is really magic'. How would it look if I was really doing magic? What kind of things would I do if I could really do magic?

Well if I could do magic I would do it in a way that there would never be 100% proof that what I did was arcane. I wouldn’t be throwing fireballs and teleporting people across the world. I would start off quite mundane. Making something disappear and appear somewhere else is something someone could do with slight-of-hand or make it seem that way if you have 2 objects that looks the same. So I would do my magic like I was doing sleight of hand.

Wait a minute.... I am saying I would do sleight of hand like I can do real magic and I would do magic like I am doing sleight of hand?
Put simply, yes.

Isn't that a paradox? Nah not really it will all make sense if you read these parts.

Right, my nature is to play games. Games become boring if you always win or always loose. The most fun games always have space for me to loose and to be challenging for me to win. For me anything can be a game. People will try to think how my magic works. Human nature. People will ask. They will walk off saying "but there had to be a trick to it though, right?” It is a quite normal reaction. By being able to do magic of the highest nature there is no way I can lose. But what if I can do the craziest magic, things too unbelievable to be anything else but the work of a mage. What if I did this and they are still not sure and people still discuss at the end of the show after me invoking world changing effects "but it could of just been a trick, and that person he sent to the moon was deffo an actor." What if I could convince people that real works of magic are just a trick?

How does this work the other way around. Well the other way around. I will do tricks trying to get as close to what real magic would look like. Making it seemingly impossible things happen until people just really can’t conceive how it could happen. "There is no way he could have known that unless he could really read minds...”

Here is how both really doing magic and doing a trick is similar though. I do not want to claim anything. I am here to perform and entertain. Show you guys something I think you will like. Things that took many years to be able to do. I do not want to claim to do tricks, nor magic, nor read minds. I want the audience to decided and discuss. I want them to be unsure. If I am just doing tricks then I win if they are not sure that I did tricks and visa versa.

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