Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I made this to let people see into my world, just a bit. I’m a normal guy. I just go around sticking stranger’s hands to a wall or chair or to their other hand. I wander the streets. I’ve been wandering the streets for 4 years looking for people, I have haven’t been alone in this act. I've made some good friends in the process. I haven’t always been able to make people forget their name or think I am invisible and stuff for long. I’m still learning to make people get drunk on water as quick as I can right now. I use cards mostly. Recently I don’t so much. Cards have been so over used that people just look at the trick not the effect. I will never let go of them though, cards are cool. Just use them when it is right.

I have been looking for places to show people what I can do now. I feel I have the skill to take what I do into an indoor domain.

I started in the winter of 2005. My friends and I were sitting a chip shop; Star pizza, it where we used to just hang out (and avoid teachers finding us). We would skip lessons and go there at 10am sometimes when it was closed and go through the back door. The owner was a guy call Cash. He slurred his words a bit, he said he smoked too much weed when he was younger. He was a nice guy, funny too (did it mention?). My friend somehow switched two card for and another two in my hand, it was a guessing game and I guessed wrong. I made him show me how it was done (kinda forced) and from there we impressed a few people and mostly got it wrong. My friends just wanted to work out how it was done. We didn’t know what we was doing.

After we had finish chilling and eating, we might go to the park and run for the swings as there were only two and 7 of us. I and Jin would climb our tree. Well I would and Jin would try to.

The first person who was a stranger was a woman in the park with her child. As her kid played we showed her few things (yes kinda lame sounding but it was a start). We were proud. We didn't mess up.