Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Would you Join me on Stage

I am writing a show at the moment. A simple one. I have quite a few ideas for a shows that either, I do not have the skill to do yet, do not have the resources yet or it is too hard to finish writing. I decided to make a vanilla show. A show that did not have a theme or ideal but would show me naked as a performer. To explain, you could write the best movie or play in the world and it will make up for bad acting. Carry the actors so the missing talent will be filled. Same goes the other way too. I’m not saying my shows are so well written that I do not need to even be a good performer, a showman. I find it best to explain things using contrast. The point is by having a plain show with no bells and whistles that my skill as a showman will be visible. As a magician I am kind of like an actor, yes I write my own shows too but I feel that I need to make sure I am good at 'acting'. So I will.

I like people to feel welcome. While I am on stage, it is my home. It is my space. I own it. I use it. My audience is my guests. As a host I should be doing all the work. I hate the one thing about a lot of magic that you must drag someone up just to assist me just to send them away when they are not needed. It is not about them coming up and enjoying themselves but to help the show follow on. I am not saying magicians don't perform to entertain and for the people. Quite a lot do but the problem is for them to do that they must use someone. People want to be entertained not work. They have been doing that all day. Even worse they get given instructions they must remember and follow now they are here. If they mess up then they ruined it not only for the performer and embarrassing him but for the rest of the crowd. The performer may even blame you if he is the one who messes up.
But I feel the worst thing is that they do not get anything for being up there. They get nothing that they couldn't get being in their seat. OK they get to shuffle the cards. OK they get a front row seat right in front of the magician. OK at least they are sure that they are not actors even if every other person might be. (Writing a show without making people think you are using actors when you’re really not is something to always keep in mind). Mind this is not true with things like mind reading but that is because it is personal. Personal. That is my point.
That is my style (well at least what I want it to be)

You need to give them something for coming up on stage. A sense of control, personability, a moment just for them.

Well I kinda lied about the stage being my home... well not really. Maybe it is the way I see my home verses the connotations of the word homely, host duties and guests. My home is my hideout. My room is the hidest hide out of all. It is my own world not a halfway home for friends and visitors (not that I mind people coming over). Home is where you escape people.
The stage is more of a bar or a pub. With meeting of friends of friends. We have met up to have fun, talk to new people. Test some waters. Inviting people on stage to me is like inviting someone to sit with me and my friends at our table. When they sit with me, I want 'banter'. Jokes, for them to take the piss out of me a bit. Smiles all round. I want to get to know them. No really I do. I am not feinting interest because they are there, like a game show presenter asking scripted questions. Getting scripted responses. Fuck that. The least I want to do while they are up with me is to perform a trick just for them, in the language they speak. In the way they will most enjoy it. Most of all I want them the feel free to talk. I do not want them to feel as if they are here to do a job and if they mess up you have ruined the show. I do not want them to feel like I am controlling them (of course I will be it is a dangerous game not to.(it is because simple things like someone turning over a card before you had a chance to speak will make an amazing trick flop.))
I do not want to force someone up on stage, I want them to come.
And when they do I want them to feel like they matter, because they do. Without them the show can not follow on.

I want a table of snacks on my stage. And juice. Can't forget the juice.

Well Meant

I am bad with blogs... so what if I am. I mean well. So here I am trying to do this again. I think one problem is I am not the kind of person just write for the sake of it. To make for the sake of it. I think that is why I do not enjoy practising my drawing but love to draw. No bolt of inspiration.

Wow four years. One think I want to make sure I do is record all the experiences I had with my art. I started with the first post and at least it will get me in the habit of posting for when I do have something does comes to mind.

It does feel like I am in another world from the last post. Life can do that. Away from the wandering and into an office. No more do I find the next new thing or place but now a comfortable routine. This is all part of the plan though. I just need to work harder to get the plan to work. I do not plan to 9 to 5 all my life. Hopefully in a year or two I will not need to. I will have a part time job. The last time I posted was before I went to uni. This time I am finish. I did graphic design. From when I was young, very young I wanted to do physics. The problem is I do not really want to do maths. It was for the love. I did not really want a job in that field and well that was before I decided on the plan.

The plan is to travel. Simple isn’t it. But to make it work the setting needs to be stacked. I want to freelance, freelance and travel goes hand in hand. Where ever you go people will need websites, leaflets, photos, logo etc. With the information age you can work with people across the country if not the world where ever you are. I will travel and perform music and magic. Make pretty pictures with shapes and colour and make enough to keep on doing it. I decided I needed experience though so here I am working for a steel fabrication/powder coating/ shop fronts and shutters/ construction company. Helping them with their websites. Getting them more customers through the website. Taking photos of their work etc. Not a graphic design company but it will be going on my CV.

I will though travel again this year, to give me a taste of what I am working for.

Growing up can be so hard (mostly the bills).