Monday, 6 October 2014

Two Time Watch Joint

My friend had a show.

What a good show it was. He spent of a year and considering this is his 2nd real stage show (we did some before but together and duo, but I would find it hard to call it a show. It was more two dudes at an open mic)

Shuffling Philosophies. It was recorded so if he permits then I will edit it all together and make him look like he knows what he was doing.

Shuffling Philosophies. He means to show his way of life, his philosophy. His hopes and dreams, wishes and flaws. Most of all he wants to show he is human. Well that coming from my own mouth you would have to ask him for yourself for the truth, but if I am wrong I would like to think I'm not far off from the truth.

My friend cares for people, but in a weird way. No hugs or words of any really comfort. Nor happy lies or sad truths. He wishes to make sure people live their life as one should (well at least how he believes one should). To strive for something, live for what you love. The show is about showing just that and getting people to consider it (again my own words).

He told stories, shared ideas, talked to a pack of cards.

I had fun (I will not talk for everyone else). I would like to say I do have a bias but it is a weird kind. Of course I will see my friend as good, but I look for every flaw (that how we roll). I did not see many flaws. In the moment I focus on the good side of my bias. How good it is and after I assassinate his work and rip it apart. The balance is trying to stay in the middle and not think he is better than he is and not to only focusing on what wasn’t great that all the good would be washed out too.

- All that was just my way of explaining that I am a little biased to his work but you can trust when I say it was good.

He stated he was not a magician. Now you may think "how the hell can you do magic tricks and not be a magician?" well for one they are just card tricks, mind reading tricks etc. People labelled themselves magicians and it stuck. Just like a graphic designer might say he is a visual brander or web designer. It is still graphical design. Designing graphics and yes they are not lying or anything when they label themselves as something other than a designer of graphics. It is the difference between a painter and artist.

If anything he is just a performer, who uses cards but more than that he is trying to put on a show. Anyone can do magic. Takes time but anyone can do it. It takes a mind set to do art, or a craft. It takes a mind set to be a showman.

I think and again I am speaking for him is that he is just a guy who loves his craft who would like to show his love for it. He is a person who know how he wants to live and wants to live off what he loves. He doesn't pander to the audience, as in he will not just go the easy way out that would make him loves by the masses. He does not want to be loved by them at all. He wants them to like the show not him but he does want them to understand him.