Wednesday, 24 June 2015

...But How Did You Do It?

It is the biggest problem I have with my magic. How do I answer that?

I do not want to say it is a trick nor magic. I want to say something but I do not know what. Ha just writing that sentence I have an answer to this question that has been bothering me for ages. What do you know?
It is to ask a question back.
"How do you think I did it?"
It causes what I want to happen in the first place. Discussion, but this time with me instead of their friend.
Now the thing is it can be dangerous for me to pose that question to the audience at the wrong time. So even though I found an answer I see now that I still have the same problem. I would like to put down the ground work before I give this response.
Now some of my shows have premises. I might be mixing voodoo potions of varying effects. While I am in character I know what I would say, voodoo innt? But once off stage, after the show what do I say then? Do I come clean as I can without ruining the trick for them or breaking the one magician rule? Tell them I can not say (I hate having to do that). Tell them I will only tell someone who wishes to become magician like myself? The problem goes deeper than this. If I can not define what it is I am doing up on stage then people will fill in the blanks for me. If I was going up on stage claiming to do magic then what are the rules to the magic. Not that I will ever have to explain to anyone but myself, but it makes my performances consistent.

Yeah still not sure.
Hopefully I minimise the questions of how I do it in show when I don't want them to ask until I figure it out.

Normally someone will decided how they are doing what they are doing. A mind reader might do a show about psychological influence, another might do the same thing but it is about reading people. One tells the person what they will pick and the other figures out what they have. The end result is the same. I will tell you what you thought of.
The thing is when I am on stage I might do a show about being a scientist showing the public the results of his test. The premise can be different show to show. I am like an actor with the card tricks being my special effects. Now not all the time I will be taking on a role in my shows but the point I am making is the fact my premise is that I have none.

In other words the voodoo guy says his tricks in voodoo. The mind reader will could say his tricks is hypnosis. The point I made last would mean I do my tricks but there is no explainable process in how I get it done.
It was a problem, I spend years experimenting with my process, premise. Never found one I liked. So in between trying out a new one I would have none. But there has to be one. That’s the funny thing. People will come to their own conclusions. I have had people saying "but it is just a trick" also "you scaring me, please stop reading my mind, I don't want you seeing my secrets". Nothing can ever be nothing. If you don’t give yourself a premise then people will.

The thing is I do have a premise these days, but it puts me in a similar position.

I do my tricks by looking like someone who can do magic trying to sell it off as tricks.
So what does a person like that say when it is magic? Well you say nothing at first. Once you start getting really impossible that’s when you say "don’t forget it’s just a trick". Once they are about believe that I can bend the rules of the universe I take them down to earth saying “don’t be thinking that it’s really magic though".
Derren Brown is a good example of this. He claims he can not read minds but there are people who think he can and could take over the UK if he wanted and people who just think it is all set up and he has no skill at all. He has always said it was just a trick but some of the things he does looks more than just a trick.

The thing is you might think me crazy for doing magic inception, but I do have a premise. Problem is it is not one that can be explained without hurting it premise.

I really hope I can get to the point where my tricks look like more than a trick. Where people question just for a second.

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